A goo-gle at your desktop. I personally interesting to install this program.

- User friendly
- Fast search
- Fast index
- Use small resource
- Ability to share files
- Real-time index


It’s add-on for Firefox and Thunderbird. And this one is my favorite from few add-on I installed.
You can selete to download all link in webpage. Or link that you select.
Then, download will appear in flashget (Or other download manager programs).

compatible with Firefox v. 1.5-9.0a1


If you feel don’t like windows partition manager, and think it’s cost too much for paid partition manager.
This program by MT Solution might be the answer.
Support all windows OS, 32 and 64 bit.

- Create partition
- Format partitions
- Change drive letter
- Copy partitions
- Delete partitions
- Resizing partitions
- Convert partitions
- Hide partitions
and a lot more

* Free version is only for home user.


Have you ever plug your flash-drive at cafe and when your get back home and plug in your PC? Your PC detect tons of virus. It’s really bad experience for me.

So, This freeware is the answer. Protect from virus by the vaccine. (Sound cool, right?)

It’s operate with easy button Vaccinate computer / USB. Once your vaccined it’s completely blocked all kind of autorun file. So, You can be sure that virus, trojan, or etc. Won’t autorun ever again.


Do you ever fear your own picture might be use by someone else on internet? This might happen if you just delete file by recycle bin. So, What’s the solution? CCleaner can be help. It’s have feature to delete file completely. (Take a note that it’s really hard to restore)

Useful feature:
- Delete temp file from browser. (temp, history, cookies and etcs.)
- Clean register that unused.
- Delete temp windows file. (or 3rd party programs)